View Full Version : Need recommendation on best stocked gun shops in South Dakota

05-12-12, 21:02
Though I'm living on the road most of the time - around the country - I'm a new resident of South Dakota and will be in Sioux Falls and Rapid City in the next few weeks for a short time.

I'm planning to pick up a couple of handguns and perhaps a 300 BLK upper while in SD and, to save me some time, would like some recommendations on shops which have the best inventory of the latest firearms.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!

05-12-12, 22:07
When I'm in Sioux Falls, I always stop in and take a look at Gary's.

05-12-12, 22:10
Lrb45... Thank you... I will put Gary's on my list.

05-13-12, 04:42
It's been a few years but First Stop guns on main street in Rapid City had a great selection.

05-13-12, 08:32
I can second both of those suggestions.

Personally, I never ran across another "well stocked" shop but hopefully someone else knows of one.

Cabela's is in Mitchell as well but I am sure you know that already.

Really loved our time living in the Black Hills. Be sure you take time to enjoy the beauty of SD.

05-13-12, 09:20
In Rapid City, First Stop would be your best bet, followed by the local Cabelas. I'm not sure either would have much in the way of a 300 BLK upper though.

05-13-12, 13:41
I lived in Sioux Falls for 6 years, would love to move back but they don't pay teachers well enough for my wife to be willing to move. Gary's Gun Shop is probably the biggest and best known LGS in Sioux Falls. Their prices are decent and they have 3 gunsmiths on staff but they don't often carry top tier ARs (although when I lived there they were amenable to ordering things). Scheels is the typical jack of all trades master of none sporting goods store, and you have Cabela's in Mitchell and Rapid City.

05-13-12, 16:44
Gary's is about it for Sioux Falls. Scheels is overpriced and for Ar only sells junk DPMS. Gary's won' have a 300 BLK upper, most likely they will be willing to order it. They are usually good about ordering things for you. They do not have the best but its pretty much it on the East side of the state.

05-13-12, 16:56
I haven't discovered a "well stocked" gun shop, but first stop guns in rapid city has good service and will order what you need. I used them to ffl my BCM I purchased thru g&r

05-14-12, 23:06
Another vote for First Stop in Rapid City. They're on 7th and Main. Well stocked, and low on BS in my experience.

05-17-15, 10:14
Leader across from Cabelas in Mitchell has some stuff, but they price gouge. They were the first to bump 22 prices after the last scare, the drywall mud buckets of .22s went from $30 to $130 overnight.