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05-23-12, 17:07

Anyone going to the Tarheel 3-Gun Match (http://tarheel3gun.com/) weekend after next?!?

Just looking at their FB page the stages look complex and challenging. After shooting the monthly matches the last 6 months I have seen them get more and more technical each month...

If you are, look for me(:cool:) in the tan visor!


05-23-12, 17:22
My plans to attend fell through so I wont make it. Have a few folks I know that will be competing though.

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06-04-12, 14:35

Not sure if anyone here made it, but I had fun!

It had 8 complex stages with just about everyone and every type of shooter.

I worked(RO'd/SO'd) Stage 3 so I was able to shoot most of the match on Thursday and then ran around Sunday afternoon getting my last couple stages in.

We had 10 squads, or about 150 shooters. Along with at least several 'Pro' shooters to include Todd Jarrett, Clint Upchurch, Chris Tilley and part of the FNh team. Clint Upchurch took high overall shooting an Open set up.

A couple of pics:
Me and Clint Upchurch ('3-Gun Nation'/'Top Shots' COLT shooter)

Stage 4: aka the DQ'er! (not my stage, lol)

Lesson learned from the match, do not change your rifle set up weeks before shooting a big match! I have a colt I have been running for the past year, but a couple of weeks before I switched to a Stag 3G & Leupold 1.5-5 and had an unexplained switch in zero during the match and tanked 3 stages...

oh well, I had fun.:)

06-05-12, 16:42
I slapped this together, see if youtube lets me keep it up...:cool:

Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge!!! (http://youtu.be/jP6c93C0mu4)

07-31-12, 00:26
How much are the Tarhell 3 gun entry fees?

Also, what is a typical round count.

I cannot find that information on the web site.

Appreciate info from anyone that has been.

10-01-12, 21:18
Match fee is $25, round count depends on the match, plan on 100 round rifle and pistol and 50 rounds shotgun!