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05-27-12, 13:31
I havea lady friend who has been offered a 22 rifle by her neighbor, she is interested in buying it, she lives in a very small town and is nervous about living alone.
The guy keeps telling her that they don't need to go thru a gun dealer to make the sale, he claims it isnt stolen. Does Oregon require a sale between private indivduals to do the paperwork or can a bill of sale be good enough?


05-27-12, 13:46
Nope, no gun registration at all in Oregon.

If she wants to, she can call OSP herself and have them run the serial number.

The Firearms Unit is responsible for processing stolen gun checks against the stolen weapons files in LEDS and NCIC for the dealers and any private citizen requesting this service. There is no fee for processing the stolen gun checks. To check a firearm against the stolen record files, call 1-800-432-5059.


05-27-12, 18:11