View Full Version : Arlington Sportsman's Club?

05-28-12, 18:55
Anyone here members of the Arlington Sportsman's Club, which is technically located in Mansfield?

I just moved to Mansfield (from Royse City) and realized this private club is about 7 miles from my new home - I'd love to check it out, but I'm not sure if they do prospective member tours or anything like that. Also, it requires 2 letters of reference from current members on the membership app so I'm not even sure how I'd get a foot in the door...

Mike from Texas
05-28-12, 22:31
I'm not a member but have visited as a guest of a friend of mine. We pretty much had the rifle range to ourselves. Seems like a decent place.

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06-02-12, 12:04
How were the facilities? Well kept? Did it look like any useful pistol/rifle training could be done or was it strict on things like rapid fire, drawing from concealment, etc.?

At nearly $600 to join the first year (for the whole family), I'm hoping it's not just fudd bench shooting.