View Full Version : Oldsmar/Tampa Indoor Range

06-08-12, 18:54
Any of you guys check out the new range Florida Firearms Academy on Rt 580 in Oldsmar? It's pretty close to my place and it's a decent atmosphere. The RO's leave you alone completely. 25 yd indoors (I like longer for AR, but slim pickings for the area I guess). Just curious if anyone's going to make it a regular thing.

06-08-12, 19:35
I went on a tour prior to them opening, and I found two drawbacks. The ROs don't have a direct view of what is happening on the range, they can only see it through video. Also, they don't have any sound proofing yet. You are basically in a completely enclosed concrete box with six other people.

Other than that, they have a really nice shop.

06-08-12, 19:46
Very true on the sound proofing. I guess they are in the process of finishing that up now since one half of the range is closed. I take the absence of RO's as a good thing, but then again I'm not too familiar with training much with civilians around, so maybe if I saw stuff I wasn't comfortable with it would be nice to have them around.