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06-13-12, 12:11
I may be getting a job at the naval base in New London CT. If I get an offer Iím thinking of living in either Rhode Inland or in Connecticut somewhere around the base. I would like to stay within 20 miles of the base if possible.

Also what are the pros and cons of either state? I know Rhode Inland is more gun friendly, all of my guns would be allowed as is.

My wife is a teacher so if there are any teachers reading this any insight would be welcomed.

07-19-12, 22:59
A little delayed response here but...

In RI, you can have all the evil "assault weapon" features, but AG ruled a couple years ago that no RI resident is allowed to buy ANY firearm out of state. Everything needs to be shipped to an RI FFL, not just handguns. This makes me wonder if they are going to try and start pushing for more restrictive laws.

CT gun laws are "the best of the worst", in that, while there is an AWB, unlike the other major anti-gun states, there's no mag capacity restriction, the "may issue" policy for carry permits is, in practice, pretty much "shall issue" in most towns. The AWB is a bit of a PITA, but if you want an AR with all the evil features, just get a pre ban lower, strip it, and put in good quality parts. Also, unlike RI, suppressors are legal in CT.

02-25-13, 11:53
Not sure what you're looking for in terns of your living area but Mystic and Stonington, CT are both nice towns.

02-25-13, 12:28
RI in general is in major economic distress. Keep that in mind. The taxes I believe are a little lower in CT. You also don't see a lot of gun legislation news in RI mainly because they are focused on thier 11% unemployment rate.

Your wife could do very well as a teacher in RI. Thier unions are incredibly strong and generally have very good compensation packages.

If your into CCW don't plan on getting a permit in RI. It's extremely difficult to obtain. I believe they require a demonstrated need and there is no open carry.

If you look anywhere in RI along the southern end of I-95 you'll be just a few minutes from the navy base. Quite a few Rhode Islanders cross the border to work there every day.

03-21-13, 18:19
well I grew up in Ansonia, CT. lived in Stratford, New haven, Ansonia, and east haven, and have family all over CT. I went to college in RI (Warwick), and I must say CT is a great place to live or visit unless you love your Ar's. CCW is easy to obtain just takes time (usually 4-6 months), handguns once you have your ccw won't be an issue, however AR's, Ak's, and any clip over 15 is a no go period. Cops there love arresting people for anything gun or drug related. RI is way more relaxed, cops won't mess with you if you don't mess with them. I met some of the coolest cops the 3 years I was in RI, if you go to RI find a private range and don't go to the public ranges unless you want to hang out with lil wayne wannabes. West Warwick is a great place to live and is only about a 15 minute drive to providence and is a much better school district, its more of a "white pickit fence" community where pvd is a city. No matter where you go you will be with in 30 minutes of pvd the state is tiny lol.