View Full Version : 6.5 Grendel long range shooting

06-25-12, 06:25
Took a 18 inch Grendel out yesterday, 123 grain Amax rounds, started at 700 yards, ended up at 900 yards, on 10 inch steel plate, 5 MPH winds, 3 shots fired at 900 2 hits on slight miss.
not bad for a 18 inch gun

06-25-12, 10:58
not bad at all. Is this a new setup for you?

06-25-12, 11:08
Nope, I have had one for a few years, this one is a friends we were getting data for, I was just getting ready for antelope hunting this coming October, I will take it and my 7mmRem mag for extended distances

06-25-12, 20:06
very nice shooting! especially with a gas gun! (presumably)

06-26-12, 08:20
Yep gas gun, ar15.