View Full Version : September 15th pistol day at CWSA

07-02-12, 21:32
Start thinking of drills for our pistol training day. We should be able to have the shoot house set up again this year.
Same $15 range and $5 lunch fees. September 15th from 1200-1930. If anyone wants to shoot rifles in the morning let me know and we can hit the long range.

08-25-12, 03:31
So, this bad boy is coming up in a few weeks. I plan to run the drills for the day. If anyone wants to take the reigns, speak up. If not I will have a plan for the day in about a week. Who's coming? Who wants to help run drills and set-up?
To start we will have safety brief, timed drills, head to head comps.
I would like the majority of the first portion to be on steel plates
Maybe this could be a day for some first aid skills to do a little how to for GSW repair. :)

For the rest of the day, I'm planning on setting up a shoothouse scene kinda like the last pistol shoot. Gonna be one direction of shooting (or close to it) because we now have concrete walls in bay 5. There will be hallways and doors to clear, pie etc.
Bring pistol, holster, mags and mag carriers. 500 rounds of pistol ammo
**** Yeah
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09-08-12, 02:29
Looks like my schedule has opened up and I'll be able to make this.

09-11-12, 11:21
This is looking to be a pretty small turnout. I plan on being onsite in the morning to set up bay 5 for the movement drills, but we cannot go live in the bays we have reserved till noon. Maybe earlier, but probably noon. There will probably be no BBQ. Just straight-up pistol shooting. We may be able to do some stuff on the bowling pin bay in the morn if anyone wants to get there early.

09-15-12, 10:23
Pistol shoot is a no-go due to lack of interest. I will likely be out there running some drills in bay 4 or 5 for a little while, but will be outta there by about 4. Pm me before noon of you wanna link up.