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07-05-12, 02:21
Stop SB249 (http://stopsb249.org/)

08-05-12, 08:44
SB 249 is in the CA Assembly's appropriations committee.

Contact your state assemblyperson and urge them to oppose SB 249.

As last ammended, SB 249 will ban the possession of "assault weapon conversion kits".

"Assault weapon conversion kits" equate to any part that will make a fixed magazine firearm into an "assault weapon".

If passed:
1. All affected firearms and firearm parts are subject to confiscation without compensation.
2. Use of an assault weapon conversion kit (parts attached to firearm) = felony
3. Possession of an assault weapon conversion kit = misdemeanor

08-08-12, 17:32
In response to the recent mass shootings in "gun free zones" in CO and WI, SB 249 was amended.

SB 249 now bans the possession of semi-auto firearms that have certain features and uses a "detachable magazine".

For the purpose of SB 249, "detachable magazines" means any magazine that can be removed without disassembling the firearm it is attached to.

Bottom line:
SB 249 bans the possession of "bullet button" maglock equipped semi-auto pistols, semi-auto rifles and semi-auto shotguns.

As last amended, SB249...
Penal Code 30515
(d) (1) For the purposes of this section, "detachable magazine" means any ammunition feeding device that can be removed from the firearm without disassembly of the firearm action. "Detachable magazine" includes, but is not limited to, a magazine that may be detached from the firearm by depressing a button on the firearm either with the finger or by use of a tool or a bullet.
(2) The Attorney General shall adopt those rules and regulations that may be necessary or proper to carry out the purposes and intent of this chapter.
(3) This subdivision shall become operative on July 1, 2013.

08-12-12, 09:36
Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff's letter to the CA legislature concerning SB249.


08-17-12, 21:40
On 08-16-2012 at approximately 1330 hrs, SB249 is dead for this legislative session (http://www.calnra.com/legs.shtml?summary=sb249&year=2012).

Thanks everyone for their help.