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07-14-12, 20:29


Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club MAP (http://crossecreekrifleandpistolclub.com/Club_Pages/MAPs/MapPage.htm) has a monthly 3-gun match every 3rd Sunday & a Defensive Pistol match every 5th Saturday.

We run 4 stages with one long range(300yd) and 3 short range stages. Minimum round count is 50 rounds rifle, pistol, & Shotgun. Sign-up starts at 1000, and first rounds down range at 1100.

We run traditional 3-gun(multi-gun) stages, all 3 gun stages and last month we even ran a 2-Gun(rifle/pistol) 'tactical' match.


The Defensive-Pistol match is an IDPA style match. We have two divisions, Single stack(10 or less rounds in the magazine) and Double stack (11+ rounds in the magazine). We normally set up fault lines or shooting boxes behind barriers instead of making 'cover' calls. We recommend you have a kydex style holster and magazine pouch to carry 2 magazines.


For more information check out:
http://crossecreekrifleandpistolclub.com/Matches/homepage.htm (http://crossecreekrifleandpistolclub.com/Matches/matches_homepage.htm)
facebook.com/pages/Crosse-Creek-Outlaw-3-Gun (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crosse-Creek-Outlaw-3-Gun/167919879956101)

Thank you.

07-14-12, 21:27
I shot the defensive pistol match last month and I thought it was a good match for a variety of reasons. The match had a good rnd count, price, a variety of shooting positions, and made good use of their bay space by using the target set up effectively. It is worth checking out if you are in the area and I will be shooting their 3 gun soon.

08-13-12, 22:30


Its 3-Gun time again!!!

This Sunday, 19 AUG, we'll keep the stages short but hard to keep everyone out of the sun. Good luck!