View Full Version : Windcrest (San Antonio), TX

07-24-12, 09:38
I was wondering if anyone had any intel on the Windcrest area of San Antonio? My wife and I found a home there and will be moving out that way shortly. I've searched online and have not been able to find much about the area regarding crime. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or if I'm not searching right. I did find out from the realtor that the area has it's own PD, so that could be the reason.

07-26-12, 02:09
I'll shoot you a PM in a few days; Windcrest has good and bad areas. WPD are not liked much as a lot of $$$ comes from traffic tickets (I avoid Windcrest if possible).

07-29-12, 09:54
Thanks! Any info I can get, I'd greatly appreciate!