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01-26-08, 15:40
Hello every one . Just had a question for you all regarding my Remington 5-r 700 .308 .

Last week a freind of mine gave me a Remington R3 recoil pad to hold me over till I could I could get a AICS 1.0 stock

( i donty see one becoming available anytime soon ) and as I was turning the rifle muzzle doen and holding the screw driver on my hand I looked at the butt pad on the stock and noticed it had no holes to remove the stock recoil pad ( biting bottom lip ) .

Has anyone here encountered this here with my particular model? God I hope there isnt some sort of epoxy holding it.

It would be nice to have a real recoil pad on this rifle versus the 1/4 piece of hard rubber already on it .

03-24-08, 20:51

I have a 5R also. The pad isn't really a pad. Piece of glued on rubber from Remington.

I cut mine off. I don't recommend doing this as I have yet to find a pad... I have purchased about everything from the local sportsman W, and none of them would fit.
If I find one, I will pass on the info.

Don't cut it off as I had to glue it back on - and now it not only looks like crap, it stills thumps you hard shooting it in a t-shirt. :)


03-25-08, 13:42
I have a Rem 700 PSS .308 and put a Limbsaver recoil pad on it. I had to cut off the factory glued on pad and then file down the end smooth. I had to use a grind to fit limbsaver as there isn't one for the PSS stock. I screwed the pad to my stock and marked the areas needing shaping. Removed the pad and rough shaped. Once that was done I reattached the pad and final shaped by hand with a dremel and sanding drums and by hand with sand paper. Being sure to tape up the stock very well. Once all final fitting was done, I reattached using the screws and a two part epoxy. The reduction in felt recoil was very noticeable and comfort greatly increased. The thicker Limbsaver pad did add slightly to the length or pull, but I'm 6'4" and it fit me and my monkey arms fine. It has been cleaned up a little more since these pics.




03-26-08, 13:06
Any competent gunsmith should be able to fit a recoil pad to your stock for you.

03-26-08, 18:53
There has to be a factory pad that HS makes... we shouldn't have to make one or worse PAY someone to do pad install, ya know!

RD62 - nice rifle.

03-26-08, 19:08
There probably is a factory pad for the HS stock. I just wanted the limbsaver in particular, and at least at the time a grind to fit was the only way to accomplish that.

Oh and thanks for the compliment on the rifle.


03-26-08, 22:20
Thanks for the responses people.

By freidcheese: Hey KBI

I have a 5R also. The pad isn't really a pad. Piece of glued on rubber from Remington.

Yeah remington told me the same thing back in febuary when I e-mailed them and inquired. Looks like the rifle will remain as is for the time being.

Im suprised they didnt put a Pss recoil pad on the rifle in the 1st place. But hopefully I can get my hands on a AICS 1.0 stock in a few months when
Tac-pro gets them again in stock.

03-27-08, 17:14
Im suprised they didnt put a Pss recoil pad on the rifle in the 1st place.

That IS the PSS recoil pad!

Mine just had the same piece of glued on rubber.


03-27-08, 22:49
Your going to love this.

I'll start with this: HS customer service is a joke.

After being disconnected and having to call back to such a beautiful personality answering the phone (sarcasim).

I got what I think was a sales woman.
I explained what I have (Remington sitting in a HS stock and that I was looking for the recoil pad that should be on the stock instead of the glued on rubber pad.
She said "..it'll $125 cause we have to paint it."
<insert dead silence from me>
"ah, why would it need to be, ah, painted for a recoil pad?"

"Because we have to paint it after the pad is installed" (this being said with little patience).

I asked her to explain "why does it NEED to be painted?"

"The stock needs to be ground to fit the Limbsaver pad, after that it needs to be painted".

I asked about how much a new stock from them costs, "about $300".

I thanked her and said that wasn't the answer I was looking for, "but thanks!"

She chuckled at that.


03-28-08, 10:47
And that came from H-S cust service Friedcheese.

Who they kidding Id take a dremel tool to the stock myself and order some duracoat afterwards to paint in and it wouldnt cost more then $20-25.00 .

03-31-08, 02:45

How good do your Remington 5R rifles shoot? I've heard good things about them and would like to hear your opinions as well.

Thanks for your responses.

Joel N.
"Yog" (in Alaska)
"Molon Labe!"

04-01-08, 00:47

Mine & a friends who got his 2 years after I did both shoot at dime sized groups @ 100M with my hand loads or factory match.

I've hit a paper plate 636 yds in rough unfriendly weather.

I don't know if to many peps could say ther rifle that cost less then $1,000 and shoots like a 3,000 rifle.

Good glass, and oh yeah, I nice recoil pad would be nice :O

I thought mine need a little paint job too. (this was only a test). I stripped the paint from it a few hours later.
It's currently at the shop getting a Cerakote Desert Tan paint job.