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01-26-08, 17:14
I'm in rifle mode again, had to dump'em all over the last two years for much needed cash.

Now I'm where I can buy again.

Just bought myself a beauty of a SIG 556 last night which I plan to mate with a nice CompM4 and 3X Mag soon, which will be my CQB/Go-to Room Broom.

But I want myself an nice bolt gun, nothing too fancy or high end like the custom builds you see on all the sniper forums, just a nice out-of-the-box Remington or Winchester heavy barrel, with a nice lupy or Ziess scope.

My question I pose to all here is should I stay with 223 for a caliber, commonality with my Zombie slayer as I plan to add either a Varmint set up soon, maybe even an HK 416 when/if they become available.

Or should I go with another caliber something that would do a good bull barrel justice, like the .308?

Now here is another question if I depart from the 223, why not just go head and buy myself a real brute such as a .338 or other comparable magnum round and have a real bolt gun.

Has anyone any experience with the .338 Winchester Magnum round?

01-27-08, 11:28
Yah, .338 is a REAL bolt gun--REAL expensive and possibly REAL hard to find ammo.

.308 is what many would call a real bolt gun. .223 bolt gun just because of commonality with your carbine? Who are you, Robert McNamara? :) Your stick and your 'bean are for different jobs, and therefore may need to be different calibers.

In .308, the usual starter suggestions are the Savage bolt rifles, which many people love to death, or a Remington 700. I have the 700P LTR in .308 and it's a good little guy except for the disappointing the X-Mark Pro trigger, so the next time I have a couple hundred bucks, I'm getting a Jewell. The Savages come with adjustable AccuTriggers.

Leupy and Zeiss are indeed good glass. Shop around and you may find a deal.

For information overload, check the FAQs and stickies at www.snipershide.com and www.snipercentral.com about bolt rifle basics.

01-27-08, 15:15
Thanks for the info on the 338, I guess 308 is indeed the way to go.

And I agree with you on the jewel triggers they are indeed sweet and a must have!