View Full Version : Need some info on the San Diego area

08-06-12, 14:06
I may be traveling there for business next month. If this goes, I want to come a day or two early and surf but I will be stuck staying in town. Am I going to need a rental car to get somewhere decent ( the Cliffs, etc) or is there somewhere on Coronado to go that I would be able to just catch a cab? I am primarily riding a longboard these days and am just looking for somewhere that is likely to have a little swell running.

As it stands now, I am going to have a short time window so I will likely not bring my own board so any info on a spot to rent a board would also be helpful.


09-14-12, 16:48
I apologize in advance if this counts as a necro post.

You said next month, which is this month. Are you in San Diego already or soon? I'll ask around/look for some info for you unless you are already here/were already here.