View Full Version : Would you be willing to make this mount?

Doc Safari
08-14-12, 17:42
I've been using your offset sling mount for some time now, but I'd love to be able to use it as a light mount also, and mount it to one of your front sight tower light mounts so that I have the sling swivel and the light mounting to the same side of the front sight tower.

This is Photoshop so you can get an idea what I'm talking about. This mount would attach to the rail on something like your MX or MI series tactical light mount for the front sight tower. It should allow clearance for any ring or light mount like the VLTOR scout mount and still allow you to mount the sling to it as shown.

(My Photoshop is a rough mockup. The length of the mount would obviously have to be enough to allow clearance for a flashlight in its mount, so my dimensions might not be 100% proportional).


The idea came about because I like to carry the weapon at port arms with the sling swivel at the front sight tower, but I also like the flashlight to be at my left hand thumb.

How about it? Would you guys be willing to make a mount like this, or something similar?
(I posted a poll in the Optics section to gauge interest, too). :D