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08-14-12, 19:25
Is there anywhere in the general vicinity of Eastern PA where I can go hang up an IDPA target or three, do rifle drills, pistol drills, transitions, movement, etc? Membership ranges are fine, as long as they aren't as greedy and terrified of the neighbors as my current club is. I'm all for safety, but after I demonstrate my proficiency just let me go shoot for christ's sake. I shouldn't have to download my 1911 mags to 5 rounds until I take a $300 pistol course on top of my membership fees.

08-14-12, 19:33
I taught up at Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club in Beaver Falls, PA last year.
Decent range, hosts IDPA (might do USPSA as well, not sure), and they bring in well known instructors frequently for classes.


08-24-12, 10:00
Eastern PA is a pretty big area, but in Southeastern PA, there is New Holland, Southern Chester County, and Lower Providence, among others.

New Holland is looser than Southern Chester County, but I'm not sure about Lower providence. New Holland will let you do pretty much whatever you want with a pistol.

01-28-13, 16:02
Depends where in Eastern PA you are located, I guess. I live in Philly and still go out to Lancaster for rifle shooting. I am a member at New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club.


It's a great club that hosts some IDPA, 3 gun and practical/precision events along with NRA competitions. The yearly membership is a bit 'spensive but I like the range and have no issues springing for the extra couple dollars.

They have a lower pistol range where you have multiple, separated lanes to do your thing without bothering, or being bothered by, the other shooters. There's a decent amount of steel targets down there, reactive and stationary. There is an upper pistol & rifle range that is currently 25/50 but I think it's being pushed to 100 yards soon. When it's not super busy I have done movement drills and closer range rifle stuff. You're not supposed to but I have done it with no questions asked:secret:

If you like to shoot distance, they go out to 600 yards with I believe 8 target stands at 600 with a pit equipped with lowering targets. At 300, 400, 500 and 600 there are steel silhouettes and some other small steel targets.

I will always maintain a membership here. It is not a grumbling old man that hates anything that ain't an "Aught six" type place for the most part. Even most of the members of the elected board are younger and understand that there's a growing number of shooters that aren't shooting seated, bullseye .22 pistol and sighting their muzzle loader in once a year. Not that there's anything wrong with that stuff.

Anyways, I'm done selling my rifle range. When I just want to shoot pistol nearby, I go to Double Tap indoor range in NE Philly. You will always have your fair share of assclowns that you should watch or leave when they arrive but it is a decent option in Philly. I have never been approached in regards to drawing from concealment but then again, I'm not an assclown.

03-02-13, 00:26
I'm a member of SCC range. If your looking to go shoot I'd be more then happy to bring you along. It's a good place and I've been meaning to go

03-02-13, 03:24
op which range do you belong to now ?

05-04-13, 08:38
OP, did you find a good range?

Ron Flowers
08-07-15, 11:51
Guthsville, in Orefield, PA Versatile layout

08-04-16, 09:14
Guthsville, in Orefield, PA Versatile layout

Guthsville is very nice indeed .

05-14-19, 14:13
Iím a member at Ontelaunee in New Tripoli. Once you are a member you can shoot what you want (no downloading mags either). They have a pistol range where you can setup plates, but itís not big enough for rifle use.

05-15-19, 08:00
op which range do you belong to now ?

If I had to guess, he's at Pocono Pistol. Jere Dunkleberger's assbagery knows no bounds

05-15-19, 10:30
I shoot at Topton Fish and Game.
They have a horseshoe style range and people pretty much leave you alone.