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08-26-12, 13:30
This is just a preliminary post too see if there would be any interest for a range day at a private range in Jarratt, VA.

I have attempted to facilitate this before however due to work stuff it had always fallen through, however I am giving it another swing.

Likely date would be late September into October.

Shooting would be held on a Saturday and depending on interest possible night shoot and more shooting on sunday.

Range would accommodate targets out to 300m. It would be a combination of rifle and pistol along with anything else other people would want to shoot.

Conduct would be shooting alot of well known drills with slight modifications and running some head to head challenges against other shooters. All this would be done in the name of fun and maybe learning a little something something.

Please let me know if you are interested.

08-26-12, 14:47
I would like to go to this, but it's a bit far. My wife and I only have one car, and I know she would be less than thrilled to find out I was going to VA for the day/weekend to go shoot leaving her with no way to leave the house for an emergency. Maybe another time, though.

08-26-12, 16:16
Hell yeah.

08-28-12, 14:52
according to google, it's 128ish miles from me....so it's not out of the question.

Count me in. Hit me up on this thread with updates. All I can bring is AR/Pistol as I just sold off a bunch of stuff. I've done a few classes and go to the range solo on occassion, so I would say I'm an 'intermediate' experience level and would welcome a chance to learn from others.

Do you have a date in mind?

08-28-12, 15:08
Most likely in, as long as the dates hold

08-29-12, 20:05
If my time will allow me I would like to make it. I'm retiring in the latter part of October so I have to be careful with the time that I take off.