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09-02-12, 16:46
Just trying to get the word out. The website just got up and running a little while ago and they're working everything out as far as getting classes scheduled. They also host matches.

Website (http://www.precisiontacticalsolutions.com/)

Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Precision-Tactical-Solutions/101420180007506)

09-02-12, 18:19
It's nice to see another "smaller" company pop up, especially since the "bigger" names class fees for 2013 have increased! hope they are able to do something worthwhile and keep it affordable.

09-02-12, 20:24
I think that's part of the plan. I'm pretty sure they agree and will be starting this company off with some basic, low cost options. Don't get me wrong though, they have a lot to offer.

09-03-12, 05:50
The other guys are pricing this oldMan out of the market. Great to see another company in the business.

The title states: Virginia Area, the web page states: Cookeville Tn. :confused:

09-03-12, 08:21
Didn't realize the site said TN. I know at least one of them lives and usually works in VA but they do travel to neighboring states.

06-17-13, 02:52
I'm working on an AAR for a class from them here (https://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=133150).

06-17-13, 03:25
Great people with a ton of real world experience. In a industry flooded by people with questionable backgrounds, these guys are the "real deal" and are extremely professional.

06-23-13, 17:06
Do they offer classes in the Va Beach area?

Or do you know any good groups that work out of the C2 center

William B.
06-23-13, 17:13
... do you know any good groups that work out of the C2 center

I've heard a lot of good things about 914 Consulting. He has a lot of AAR's and what-not in the Misc Classes sub-forum.


06-23-13, 17:48

06-23-13, 17:54
Do they offer classes in the Va Beach area?

Or do you know any good groups that work out of the C2 center

Redback One, I think.

06-23-13, 18:30

06-23-13, 18:41
I'd also look into 914. PTS likely won't be hosting any classes in the area for a while. I don't know if Redback 1 does anything at C2, but they do a lot at ITI in West Point, VA.

06-23-13, 19:59
Another +1 for 914. I also believe Kyle Defoor has a class in November at c2. I can't remember off the top of my head if it's pistol or carbine though.

EDIT: pistol&carbine class. A no-brainer for me. Attempting to schedule the time for it myself.

10-28-19, 06:57
I just saw this thread and although it is old, I want to give an update. I have been training with Paramount tactical solutions for the last 2 years, I have done pistol, rifle, medical and a live fire CQB course with them. In total 14 days of training and the difference in my shooting and more importantly understanding of what I need to do if I would be in fire fight is enormous. I just did. Rifle and 1&2 again this weekend and (re)learned so much again. They are all very experienced military operators and instructors. They can identify your errors or special needs (I am blind in 1 eye) quickly and offer several ways to correct it.

Very importantly they have a great alumni discount. Any class you have taken before is 50% off the next time. This really helps to keep training more than once.
Www.paramounttacticlesolutions.com (http:// Www.paramounttacticlesolutions.com)