View Full Version : Possible opening for a carbine 2 class in Wiggins, MS. Who is interested?

09-18-12, 19:57

I've got 2, probably 3, slots filled for a 4 shooter carbine 2 class in Wiggins, MS on Sunday 28 Oct. It will be from 8-5ish.

Here is a link to that class. Scroll down to the Practical Carbine 2 course. That's the one I am mentioning:


I've spoken with the owner's, Jack and Judy, and the course will vary slightly from the course description. Price is still $250. Round count on primary is 500. Secondary will be 100. Expect shots out to 250-300 yards and may have some CQB shooting during the day. Not 100% certain on that one yet.

Don't expect this to be a Magpul Dynamics or Redback1 class but I've taken 2 prior classes under Jack and I can tell you he will run you hard. He'll get behind you and shout and is good at inducing stress but he is also very good at communications with his students and helping them improve their hits. He definitely has a passion for helping guys shoot better. He also has a fantastic range. If anyone is unfamiliar with Wiggins its approx 30-40 minutes south of Hattiesburg.

If anyone is interested please reply ASAP. Thanks!


09-22-12, 23:38

10-25-12, 20:03
Still have one seat open in the class (its this Sunday) if anyone is interested.