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09-26-12, 00:40
I'm just trying to get the word out as early as possible. Pat is coming back to Maryville IL May 16th and 17th 2013 for a 2 day rifle class.


2-Day Tactical Application of Practical Shooting (TAPS) - Carbine

Course Overview:
Tactical shooting requires agile and adaptive thinkers able to handle the challenges of full spectrum operations in an era of persistent conflict. To meet this requirement, TAPS delivers a comprehensive, systematic, progressive Train-the-Trainer shooting program focused on fundamental mastery and built for Law Enforcement officers, military personal, and qualified civilians. Designed for leaders and trainers, the TAPS course also applies to the patrol-level officer, basic level Soldiers, and civilian self & home defense minded shooters. The approach to instruction is through coaching and mentorship and both demonstrates and transfers a training method that is safe, effective, combat relevant, and encourages a continuous thought process that demands accountability.

Training is conducted on the range and focuses on advanced refinement of the basic fundamentals of marksmanship as applied to the primary and secondary weapons systems. Utilizing a building block learning model, TAPS combines the pressures and dynamics of competitive shooting and tactical application. While course of instruction is on the firing range, the TAPS training approach also translates into training venues outside the range.

Course Outline:
The 2-day course offering provides the following training and instruction:
- Lecture on proper weapons handling and safety
- Refresh the fundamentals and grouping exercises
- Conduct a diagnostic course of fire
- Conduct a discussion on the importance of performing a focal shift during training and avoiding mundane drills that do not encourage a thought process
- Other topics covered and practiced are; grouping exercises with both primary and secondary weapon systems, target discrimination, use of barricades, movement, close quarter battle techniques, immediate action drills, ballistics 101, transitions, magazine changes
- Escalation of training and intensity will vary depending on number of students and their skill level though the core of the course will always remain the same
- This course is marksmanship intensive.

Instructor: Patrick McNamara (AKA - "Mac")

Class dates: May 16-17, 2013

Cost: $525

Location: Maryville IL

Town and Country Gun Club
2101 Gun Club Ln
Maryville IL

Weapon & Gear Class Requirements:
- Carbine/Rifle of minimum 5.45 / 5.56 caliber
- Sling
- Minimum of 3 carbine/rifle magazines
- Serviceable duty grade handgun of at least 9mm Para caliber
- Minimum of 3 pistol magazines
- Serviceable holster
- Minimum 2 pistol magazine pouches
- Eye and ear protection
- Suitable range wear depending on the season
- Weapon cleaning & lubrication supplies
- Good attitude

Ammo Requirements:
- 200 rounds of handgun
- 800 rounds of carbine

If you have any questions about the local area let me know.


01-06-13, 09:40
Bump.... and a couple of things to add.

1. Just to clarify this is not a beginners course. There is a lot of people in this region who have just bought their first AR. This should not be your first training experience.

2. Probably the most important: if your coming from out of town. Do no stay at the Econolodge hotel in Maryville, unless your looking for extra curricular activities. I suggest lodging in Troy or Collinsville.


LMT Shooter
01-28-13, 06:22
Any motel in Troy or Collinsville will be OK? I wouldn't want to get raped while I'm down there. It would damage my fragile inner child.

Are you planning on being in the class & avaliable to make recommendations on the best food locations also?

01-28-13, 08:04
I will definitely be in the class. I am a "larger sized" individual who obviously likes to eat, there will be a couple of us that can point you in the right direction for decent food.

As far as hotels.....the large hotel chains next to the interstate are gonna be your most comfortable choice. You won't get raped in the small hotels, but you will find good heroin, meth, and a screaming case of crabs. Other than that, this area is Mayberry.


LMT Shooter
01-30-13, 23:16
I'll stick with the ones on the interstate. I don't need another case of crabs:D

Why do you think I was asking about restaurants? Us big boys gotta know where to eat!

02-09-13, 07:44
In that case, we will make every effort to point you in the right direction to keep you well fed and crab free. This is gonna be a good class.