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09-02-06, 15:30
I was wondering what the difference was between the Land and Maratime version of these items. I know they both support the soft and plate armor any other major differences. I am about 5'10" and about 215 broad shouldered what size would I be looking at L, XL ? Anyone one with experience in this field want to give me a helping hand. I saw a Land version in OD size XL for 370 shipped.

Ben Lenett
09-02-06, 15:42
The Land Version features a outer cumberbund, which allows the end user to carry more equipment. This vest offers the release points at 0600, and then either at 0300 or 0900 depending upon which shoulder you run the cable over.

The Maritime is slightly more streamlined due to not having the cumberbund and only offers a release point at 1200.

You would be a Large.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Stay safe.


09-02-06, 16:18
Thanks for the info Ben. I appreciate it. Do you all have a catalog by chance or jus the website.

Ben Lenett
09-02-06, 20:07
At the present time just on the website. Sorry about that.

09-02-06, 20:17
No need to apologize Ben. Hey when you get the time you should post all the good stuff Eagle has in your industry section that could help alot of us confused type's out. Thanks again for the info and for not offshoring your production like others do.