View Full Version : Magazines charged in Ohio?

10-18-12, 07:09
I live in Pa but I'm going to Ohio this weekend to shoot at Thunder Valley Precision.

I only have a Pa LTCF which is not valid in Ohio.

Anyone know if it's legal for me to have magazines charged but not in the gun stored in the trrunk of my car?

I'd keep the charged magazines in a seperate pouch from the guns.


10-23-12, 12:15
Yes, I realize its after the fact, but, it is illegal. No loaded mags allowed.

12-15-12, 15:36
This will be no longer with the passage of HB 495. It will be legal to carry loaded magazines in your vehicle, separate from the weapon of course. HB 495 will also take of of the reciprocity for CCW between OH and PA. Good news all around.