View Full Version : Charlotte area?

11-02-12, 13:25
Hey, recently moved to the south Charlotte area and im looking for a place to shoot.
Public or private club as long as the member fees arent outrageous!
Rifle and pistol. I havent found anywhere thats not bench or slowfire so far...
Any leads would be great. Thanks.

11-02-12, 13:50
Mecklenburg Wildlife if they are accepting people shouldnt be bad. They do monthly IDPA matches out there. Charlotte Rifle Pistol Club in Waxhaw is expensive. Efrid's Rifle Range in Albemarle is pretty good, but will be a bit of a drive for you

11-02-12, 15:55
Thanks for the leads. Albemarle may not be to bad, Ive been doing a lot of mountain Biking over in that area. The one in Waxhaw seemed nice when I went to look around but $500 plus years fees is a lot to stomach off the bat.
Thanks again!