View Full Version : Gunsmith in Portland metro area?

11-16-12, 12:29
Can anyone recommend a good AR gunsmith in the Portland metro area? I need to have an existing rail removed from a BCM upper with a low profile gasblock and a Noveske NSR installed.

Knocking gas blocks off is more than I am comfortable with.

Many thanks

11-17-12, 20:27
Have you been to Curt's Gun Shop in Milwaukie, OR? I am told he works on ARs and builds custom AR kits for people, including installing barrels, etc. I'm not sure the depth of the work he does, but I have heard nothing but great reviews of him and his shop.

11-18-12, 21:55
Thank you. I'll check his shop out.

04-10-13, 03:46
He does great work and has plenty of things you will want. Be careful.