View Full Version : Good gun shop to visit in the DFW area

11-20-12, 09:49
Down visiting the wife's family for Thanksgiving in the Dallas area, the ladies are going to go shopping, I am looking for a good shop that has a good variety of ammo and accessories.

11-20-12, 10:16
DFW has both Cabelas and Bass Pro, if you want a big box retailer. There are also a few locations for Cheaper Than Dirt (http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/). CTD will probably have a lot of ammo and accessories, but it may all be Russian ammo and tapco accessories.

Alternatively, you could hit a gun show at Dallas Market Hall (http://www.aubreyturner.org/gunshows/). Most of the ammo sold at local gun shows tends to be a rip-off in my opinion.

I can't say I have a favorite local gun store or anything like that.

11-20-12, 10:21
Thanks, I was working my Google-Fu and that is pretty much what I found.

We drove here so I have enough room in the car for a case or two of ammo.

11-20-12, 20:58
GT Distributors is Dallas is a good place, but their website says they are closed Thursday through Sunday.

The Cabelas are worth a trip, just to check over the used racks. I have found some very nice deals there on used rifles and shotguns.

11-21-12, 07:55

11-21-12, 11:56
I go to GT almost exclusively now. Good prices. Best selection of gear in DFW and most of the employees are knowledgeable about the things they sell. Even if I donít need their knowledge I would rather give my money to someone who knows what their talking about.
S.A.W. has a good selection of guns but I canít stand the workers. Their class 3 selection is pretty impressive.