View Full Version : MK14 or SR25 or AR10?

Gentle Ben
02-20-08, 13:19
I'm considering a precision semi-auto 7.62.

I really like the FAL, but I don't think it's suited for precision shooting due to how optics are attached. Not much interested in H&K, either.

Between the MK14 (Crazy Horse/SEI), the Knight's Armament SR25, or the Armalite AR10, which would be the "best" option? ("best" based on accuracy potential, reliability & durability, parts & mag availability, ability to suppress, etc.)

Gentle Ben
02-20-08, 13:29
One one hand, the AR platform is attractive because it's something I'm already very familiar with; on the other hand, the M14-platform seems to be stronger.

02-20-08, 14:31
If your looking to get one as a precision rifle.. get the SR25. The M1A/M14 takes alot to make it a real precision rifle and its takes maintenance to keep it that way. My Mk11 Mod 0 shot was extremely accurate with the right ammo. ( 5 rounds into 4" at 800 yds ). And as you`ve pointed out the manual of arms is the same. I really regret selling it, and have tried to get it back. It`s all gonna depend on how much you really want to spend and what you plan on doing with it.


02-20-08, 14:33
Is none of the above an option?

Gentle Ben
02-20-08, 14:46
Chandler: did you handload to achieve that accuracy?

Doc: alternative suggestions are welcome. You stated this in another thread: "The 6.5/6.8 mm or .308 are far better choices: In a bolt gun, I'd go .308 and if a semi-auto is desired, 6.8 mm or 6.5 mm." I'm hesitant to use a caliber that's not relatively easy to obtain.

02-20-08, 14:52
Nope didn`t handload.. M118 LR and 175 Federal GM Match.

02-20-08, 15:03
Doc is right on, none of the above. ETA: According to your criteria the AR10 seems like the best choice.

If you want a true precision rifle, go with a nice bolt gun. It will likely cost less than any of the options presented and certainly shoot better.

A standard AR with a Geissele trigger and 6.5 upper with nice glass is also a winner, and gives you a good degree of versatility. Alexander Arms is going to be he go-to for 6.5 IMO. An SPR-sized 6.5G with a Nightforce 2.5-10X would almost be more fun than I could stand.

Gentle Ben
02-20-08, 15:24
hmmm. Complete 6.5 uppers from $8XX to $23XX.

I already have two bolt rifles that, while they're really hunting rifles, are also good long range shooters.

02-20-08, 15:44
The AA 18" barrel in a Larue Stealth upper/Larue 13.2 rail combo would be great. Slap the Nightforce in a Larue 1.5 SPR and you have a pretty light, handy, and accurate 800M gun.

Gentle Ben
02-20-08, 15:55
opinions on the Sabre 6.5G uppers?

eta: looks like nearly all the Sabres are chrome lined. I'm looking for precision over barrel longevity.

02-20-08, 19:40
My short list for a semi auto:

1. Noveske 21" Heavy 7.62mm Rifle.

2. DPMS SASS W/upgrades. (Cyro barrel, trigger)

3. Fulton Armory Mk 14 Mod 0 SOCOM Rifle w/upgrades.

Any of theses three with good glass will give you 1000-yard capability.

02-20-08, 21:05


AA 6.5 GDMR twins: 16" and 19.5"

02-20-08, 21:09
8 shots at 100 yards out of the 16" GDMR:

02-20-08, 22:40
8 shots at 100 yards out of the 16" GDMR:

If you don't mind I am very curious as to the load which produced this result.

Gentle Ben
02-20-08, 23:03
nice rifles & great group.

02-21-08, 02:40
120 Match King Sierra OAL:2.220 CCI#41
Hodgdon BL-(C)2: 31.7 grains as stated on AA's website.

Found max loads per AA gave the best accuracy.

02-21-08, 18:13
I have to vote for the M1A/M14. But I am a big fan of military weapons.

Gentle Ben
02-21-08, 19:28
honestly, the 6.5G is something I hadn't considered. however, after reading up on its ballistics (as well as the fact that it's as simple as getting the 6.5 upper & some mags, and running the setup on a lower I already have), I'm very intrigued. I've been wanting to get back into reloading, and this might be just the excuse.

02-21-08, 20:29
You also might consider an MSTN or Noveske 6.8 mm upper.

02-22-08, 04:41
The AA 18" barrel in a Larue Stealth upper/Larue 13.2 rail combo would be great. Slap the Nightforce in a Larue 1.5 SPR and you have a pretty light, handy, and accurate 800M gun.

Great minds think alike, thats what im building;)

Gentle Ben
02-22-08, 09:23
I see a lot of recommendations for Night Force optics on a lot of forums. How does Night Force stack up (quality/clarity/durability) against Leupold for tactical/precision use?

I'm not an optics guru, and I haven't been following the trends of what scopes are the latest and greatest. However, I've owned a wide variety of scopes, and have been dissatisfied with everything but Leupold (and an old 1.5x Unertl...damn I miss that one). I put my Leupolds through considerable abuse (hunting in MT in pretty rough terrain/weather conditions) and they proved to be boringly dependable.

02-22-08, 11:47
Is none of the above an option?

I agree ? any other choices?