View Full Version : PMAGS for AK's

01-02-13, 12:49
When are you guys gonna come out with PMAGS for AK's and FAL's? With the increased cost and scareness of quality imported mags you could make a killing and help with the 922r complaince.

01-02-13, 13:05
Looking at a lot of things right now. We don't normally talk about what's in the pipleline though. I can tell you that even though we've focused a lot on maximizing production, that hasn't stopped or really even slowed new product development, as the two functions don't occupy much overlapping capacity.

01-02-13, 13:14
Please don't make Pmags for the AK. Magpul has enough of my money as it is.

Then again, I don't need to eat so on second thought go for it.

01-03-13, 22:03
So how about 7.62x39 mags for my AR? I'll take a dozen.

01-05-13, 20:17
Not gonna lie, 5.45 mags would be awesome.

01-05-13, 20:21
+1 on 5.45

01-05-13, 20:38
5.45 mags would be a dream come true

01-19-13, 21:35
The market needs another 5.56 magazine for the Arsenal SLR-106 series rifles.

02-26-13, 12:53
I'd love to see 5.45mm and 7.62x39mm AK Pmags. Black or Bakelite-colored :)