View Full Version : Asymmetric Solutions - Potosi, MO

01-04-13, 21:59
Has anyone taken a class at Asymmetric Solutions http://www.asymmetricsolutionsusa.com/
in Potosi, MO, or heard anything about them?

They look like they know what they're doing - professional website, etc. I had never heard of them until I ran across a LivingSocial deal for a discounted training course from them, which I found a little odd. I haven't found many other training opportunities in eastern MO and am thinking about taking their Combat Carbine Lvl 1 course later this year.

01-11-13, 00:40
I'll be attending their Close Quarters Combat class in 2 weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.

Mike Pannone and Pat McNamara are both running courses nearby later this year. You can find them on alias training.

03-26-13, 11:09
How did it go?

Prairie Patriot
04-14-13, 22:19
I'd be interested to hear if it's worth a shot or not as well.