View Full Version : Floor mats?

01-17-13, 00:48
Has there ever been consideration of making Magpul floor mats for cars and trucks? I presently can't afford to make/buy my own custom Unimog like yours so a close second option would definitely be having your polymer goodness to adorn my vehicle of choice. Since the iPhone case is doing well it looks like you could definitely do something great with it. How about it?

I know you're maxed out right now so maybe that'll have to be at a later time when stuff cools off...

01-17-13, 02:41
Not gonna happen given the current production rate for PMAGs. That said... love the idea. Couldn't think of a better floor mat for the Hummer than a Magpul.

02-01-13, 00:36
I would expect one, were they to make it, to look kind of like the iPhone case, maybe with the big logo in the middle of it? This just seems too badass not to make, like it just HAS to be done.