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03-06-08, 02:42
I am not much of writer and as they say long time reader first time poster but I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to the above and also to all of you here. Brief history first. A few months ago I was selected for a rifle committee to purchase new rifles for the PD. (30+ man PD) Everybody wanted to go with the company north of us in ST. Cloud MN.

After a lot of reading and studying on this site, myself and few others were able to convince the powers that be to purchase 15 Noveske N4’s. The amount of knowledge to be gained here is incredible. I went from a relative novice who owned a DPMS for years to convincing the PD to spend close to $20,000 on Noveske’s. I am indebted to all of you for the information you freely share. This site and one other were hands down the best and most efficient places to go for info. Thank you all very much.

I wanted to say that the “chart” was a big help. It was nice to be able to show it to people who don’t understand all the subtle differences in brands.

A big thank you to Noveske Rifleworks. Absolute professionals. I spoke on the phone with 3 or 4 different people including John and they were all informative and a pure pleasure to talk to. At no time despite all of my stupid questions did I feel that I was not the most important person in the world. They worked up several bids for us and were always there to offer advice. Everything showed up just as ordered when it was supposed to be here. I have had the pleasure of shooting all 15 of the rifles as we get them set-up and ready for transition training, every single one is perfect. Not to dig on Colt but Noveske made the rifles the way we wanted with a rail, paperwork done and back to us in less then two weeks per order, (we had two orders one in Dec and one in Jan trying to spend down 07 money) and the wait for 15 standard Colts was looking like May. (this date is from a couple quotes sent to me by venders recommended by Colt, there might be faster ways to get them that I am not in on)

We ordered EOTech 512s for the N4’s and some 552s for some Colt A1 and MP5 SWAT guns. Based on some comments here and some other places we went with Rainier Arms instead of some big local dealers. Again service was perfect. Always there to answer questions and delivered all the products as promised faster then anyone else I talked to. (not easy to buy 26 512\552’s right now)

Other venders that we used for smaller orders were Bravo Co and Mid West Industries with the same results as above.

Again a big thank you to all on this site, and the venders above for your time and information. Finding M4carbine.net helped us put some great rifles in our squads and I continue to come here looking for more info for the transition training and beyond.

Thanks Goddard

03-07-08, 13:39
Your crew owes you a debt of gratitude, the Noveske weapons will serve them well.

Stay Safe.

03-08-08, 01:23
We are happy to hear of your success for your department. This is the kind of thing that we strive for here at m4carbine.net.

03-08-08, 08:50
Wow your fellow officers are lucky to have you as the one who specc'd the rifle requirements out!

Good job!

03-14-08, 17:24
I wanted to say that the “chart” was a big help.

Sounds like the chart has developed quite a following. Wonder if Rob isn't due a little something from certain folks by now. ;)

03-14-08, 22:27
Good on you!

03-17-08, 20:53
Thank you for your business.

The Noveski product is outstanding!

04-15-08, 19:54

As a follow-up we conducted transition training last week for the N4’s. All told 30 shooters, each about 300 rounds (9000 total) in the afternoon after a morning of class room. With sighting in and some general screwing around by myself and others each rifle has on average 1000 rounds through it. Out of the 15000 rounds not one malfunction related to the rifles.

This group of 30 is a typical cross section of LEO\s : big, small, young, old, some gun folks most not. Every single person qualified first time and every person commented on how light and easy to use the N4 was.

I have seen this group shoot before at department shoots, handgun, shotgun and our old Mini-14/s as well as the M16A1’s we have. As a group they shot the N4 better then they should have based on previous performance. Taking into consideration that you can never please cops, not one person said anything negative about the Noveske’s. In fact everyone said how much they liked them.

I just wanted to post this follow up to say how impressed we are with this rifle. We were a department that almost never employed the long guns from the squads and now that will change. Thank you to Mr Noveske and his crew for the great product and service. Can not recommend them enough, I sold my old rifle and am ordering a Low Profile N4 tomorrow. We may have paid a little more up front for the Noveske’s, but in the long run I do believe we come out ahead on maintenance costs. One thing that cannot be measured in dollars terms is the confidence that the patrol guys now have in the squad guns. Not one malfunction related to the weapon carries alot of weight.

The EOTechs were a hit, no malfunctions fairly easy to zero. The Troy rear BUIS was also very easy to use. Some magazine issues, none with the Magpul Gen II followers. We tested some Pmags and they all worked great.

I also want to comment that I was not the only person who was pushing for the Noveke’s. I had a co-conspirator (SGT) who was pushing just as hard if not harder with more weight (stripes) then I was and also visits here regularly.

Once again a big Thank you to all of you here for all of your help and knowledge. This process from selection to implementation was much bigger and more complex then I initially thought it would be. I really mean it when I say it would have been harder with out this forum, Thanks. My role is this was very small compared to yours.

04-15-08, 20:24
I want to work for You:D you took good care of your men ..Outstanding be safe :cool:

04-16-08, 00:27
goddard - sent you a PM.

Midwest Industries
04-16-08, 11:37
Thank you for your business and your feed back. :)