View Full Version : Local smith to perm a flashhider? St. Louis

02-06-13, 19:33
I live in St. Louis City.
I need either a local smith or member who can permanently attach my muzzle device to my 14.5 AR barrel

Someone local and with skill.

Method I'm not picky about (silver solder, weld, blind pin)
It just has to look nice, be affordable and work.

02-08-13, 04:16
Stitch...go see these guys
CS Metall Werkes...www.csm-w.com

Phone: (636) 928-1511
Toll Free: (877) 928-1511
Fax: (636) 922-9004
4025-H Old Hwy 94 South
St. Charles, Missouri 63304
Retail Store Hours (CST):
Friday - 10am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm
Call or email to place orders anytime!