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02-08-13, 13:41
http://www.gocra.org/img/gocra_web_banner.gif (http://www.gocra.org/)

Reaching out to all those Minnesotans out there or anyone willing to help support a good cause. The NRA does a great job on a national level of defending the 2nd amendment, but on a state level here in Minnesota the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance are the ones on the ground getting things going.

They were the group that helped Minnesota get a "shall issue" concealed carry permit policy instead of the old "discretionary" policy. They have also been present at every single hearing in the recent gun bill overview, battling the gun control proponents on the floor in front of the MN House Public Safety Committee.

The new goal is to hire a full time gun rights lobbyist to work only on the state of Minnesota. So if you live in Minnesota or appreciate our cause please donate today. If every gun owner in Minnesota donates just $1 then this goal can be easily achieved.

02-08-13, 19:28
GOCRA is well respected in the pro-rights community in Minnesota. At the current state capitol hearings they are the main purveyor of reasoned, coherent testimony. They don't rely on busloads of schoolkids amd demagoguery to sway those on the fence. You can join or just donate. I have had to PayPal twice this week to keep my bloodressure in check. The MN-grabbers are going all out this time.

02-08-13, 20:34
I get a "cannot complete transaction" when I hit the donate button. Can you have someone from GOCRA confirm the legitimacy of the appeal. No offense, but too many scams on the web not to make sure.

02-09-13, 10:58
I removed the donate hyperlink, which I copied from the MN_GOCRA website. If you want to join or donate you can just navigate to their main page.