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03-10-08, 19:24
Savage 10FP 308 with US SN3 3-17 Tpal.First time shooting it with this setuo and Im amazed at the clarity and that I was on paper at 100 yds immediately with the sue of my US boresighter.There was alot of mirage at the 300 range but thats no excuse.I thought this would end up in the FS section but Im sure a couple more trips and I should hone some of the skills I have.The 300 yds 3-shot group is not the greatest but if you knew the struggle I had with thsi rifle you would be amazed too.

Winchester 147 grains was everywhere,I would have a good two shots that would touch each other but than have a flyer.When I switched to BH 168 Match the shots were alot more consistant.Practice,practice,practice.

Did I mention the USO glass is awesome and very crisp at 100 ,200 and 300 yds.I had a target at 200 yds that I should have taken a picture of,it was a silhouette with both eyes shot out,unintentional of course,I was just aiming for the head.


Black Hills 168 grain definitely made a difference.


the left group is winchester 148 grain and that was the best group at 100 yds,the right group is BH 168 Match and that was the best @ 100 yds


this is a 3 shot group with BH 168 grains at 300 yds,not that impressive but for me it is awesome

4 shot 300 yds with BH

Im happy with it but it better be worth the price tag,Im definitely a novice at this and there is alot of lerning for me to do.I thin the groupings with the BH ammo could be alot better and i know it was me that was the weakest link on the 200 and 300 yd shots.Only thing I didnt like about the US scope is the eye relief,I could have given myself a black eye and I was gun shy near the end of the shoot :(

My only gripe of the day is the BT04 ripped the sling stud out.

The only reason I used sillhouette targets is because they were large enough to see my hits.When I shot thsi rifle with a different stock and scope and ammo I could not hit the side of a barn but maybe twice.

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For now Ill use BH ammo and the trigger is at around 5 lbs.

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How is your sight picture? Any mooning on any part of the scope?

no mooning but I do get gun shy at times because the eye relief isnt the greatest and it has clocked me once.

How's your cheekweld, is it high enough or are having to streatch your neck to fix the mooning?

it's good,mine has and adjustable one and when I find the right heighth it's very comfortable.

Lastly........eyerelief. Is the scope getting to close to your eye during recoil?

You bet,this is probably my worst adversary now.

Aim, breath, sqeeze.

This I have down



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