View Full Version : Ohio SB 36 - Prohibit Seizure, Registration, and Any Potential Federal Firearms Bans

02-13-13, 19:22
Fellow Ohioans, SB 36 was recently introduced by State Senator Kris Jordan and co-sponsored by Senator Tim Schaffer.

This bill would prohibit firearm seizures, registration, or any potential gun bans regarding unconstitutional Federal infringements of the 2nd Amendment.

I urge you to not only contact Senators Jordan and Schaffer to thank them for introducing this bill, but to also contact your State Senator and Representative to let them know you support this bill and any other efforts that defend the 2nd Amendment.


02-19-13, 11:20
wonderful news

02-19-13, 11:43
Good news to hear. MO has one too. Thanks to WY for kicking this off. I like these "Don't Tread on Me" bills.

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02-19-13, 12:57
This is good to hear.

Eric D.
02-23-13, 22:05
Awesome! I recommend us putting a link to this thread in our sig lines to get it spread around.

Heavy Metal
02-23-13, 22:16
There is already a thread on this.