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02-14-13, 18:27
FYI to any forum members with resident or non resident concealed weapons permits in Maine:

The Bangor Daily news has filed a freedom of information access request with the Maine State Police (and apparently a number of other police agencies in Maine) requesting the names, addresses and other detailed information of all concealed weapons permit holders. Shortly after the request they clarified they do not intent to publish any personally identifiable information.

GOP Legislators in Maine are attempting to pass an emergency bill to keep this information private. I would urge any forum members in Maine to contact their local representatives in Augusta and let them know what you think of this.




02-15-13, 22:47
I'm proud to say that the shooters, as well as a fair amount of non shooters, went straight for the throat with respect to the Bangor Daily News. They have been getting hammered on their comment pages, facebook and in other media outlets. Within hours of announcing this they began losing advertisers and subscribers in droves. I know of several large, weekly advertisers that pulled out. They BDN rescinded the request this morning with a sort of snotty "apology" that was not an apology at all. It didn't work. Gun clubs were picketing outside their building this morning and the governor is pushing through an emergency bill to protect the privacy of permit holders.

This is how it is supposed to work folks. Gun owners as well as non gun owners rightly pissed off at this newspaper overstepping their bounds. Everybody, including people that are usually apathetic about gun control, played for the same team on this one. And we won. My prediction is that either the paper is going down, or at the very least it is going to hurt for a very long time.

From a facebook post:

Did you hear about the "BDN Box Return Event" this Saturday between 3-4pm?
Do you have a BDN Box next to your Mailbox?
Take it off and Drop it BACK off to the Front Doors of the Bangor Daily News (Corner of Main & Buck Streets) between the hours of 3pm and 4pm THIS SATURDAY Feb. 16th.

A Video Time-Lapes will be filmed of what might be, a HUGE pile.
Lets send the BDN a message.

02-15-13, 22:49
Good to see people got serious on this issue. I know I would be pretty upset if I had my information published in this fashion.

02-16-13, 13:52
I want to see a photo of returned paper boxes.

02-17-13, 18:32
I want to see a photo of returned paper boxes.

Here is a video that shows a few.

03-02-13, 09:18
No link posted...?
Here is another:


03-02-13, 09:32
Pretty wild to think that if Governor Lepage wasn't in the Blaine House this data would have probably been released without question. The data shouldn't exist to begin with. Do you think a violent criminal or a pharmacy robber wont carry concealed cus he doesn't have a permit? This should be an unrestricted right as it is in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming.