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02-19-13, 14:51
All -- My wife Marilyn (owner of Nickel and Lace (http://nickelandlace.com) -- a new concealed carry holster for women to be launched in March) and her partner Karen Bartuch (owner of www.alphagirlpower.com -- provider of tactical training for women) have teamed up to put on a fashion and firearms show in Chicago, geared towards showcasing fashion, concealed carry options for women, and 'self-offense' options to encourage more women to be proactive about their safety. While there cannot be firearms at the actual show due to city regulations, Glock has generously donated a certificate for a free Glock handgun to be raffled off, and other vendors will be there as well to take orders, such as Devil Dog Arms (see press release below for current list of vendors).

In addition, the entry fee of $40 also covers all your alcohol and hor d'oeuvres. Tickets can be bought at Fashion and Firearms Show Tickets (http://www.alphagirlpower.com/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=4477)[Start by filling out the form and it takes you to another page]

Will be a great time, and would love to have your support and see both you and your wives/girlfriends there!

"Marilyn Smolenski of Nickel and Lace, a female concealed carry holster designer, and Karen Bartuch of AlphaGirls, a company that provides tactical and “self-offense” training services and gear, have combined efforts to host the Firearms and Fashion Show. The goal of the show is to empower women with personal safety skills and options and encourage them to be proactive about their own self-protection. In order to reach even more women, including those that do not have experience with firearms, combatives, tactics, etc., Smolenski and Bartuch decided to combine those sometimes sensitive topics with a more traditional topic - fashion.

“By incorporating fashion, we hope to reach a broader audience of women”, says Karen Bartuch, CEO, AlphaGirls, who has traditionally operated within law enforcement via her charity, Women’s Tactical Association, but is now expanding to provide training and gear to all women. “Now more than ever, women need to be responsible for their own safety and protecting themselves and their families”, says Bartuch.

Attendees will have an opportunity to meet jewelry and clothing designers such as BEX nyc, Sarah Church and RFD by Rachel Frank as well as other self-offense trainers, well-known handgun trainers, tactical trainers, tactical gear providers and firearms manufacturers. Many vendors will have products for sale including Nickel and Lace’s shapewear holster and AlphaGirls concealed carry messenger bag - both which will debut at the show.

“Traditionally there have not been that many options for women as far as concealed carry, which is why I created the Original Nickel and Lace Holster; it can be worn under any type of clothing” says Marilyn Smolenski, founder of Nickel and Lace. “I am also excited that our show will offer something for everyone, both men and women, and ultimately encourage folks to take up shooting.”

Special guests include Natalie Foster from Girls Guide to Guns representatives from the NRA Women’s Network and Top Shot Season 3 competitor Sara Ahrens. Numerous prizes will be raffled as well as a 50/50 raffle. Proceeds from the 50/50 raffle will go to I Am Never Quit; a charity dedicated to active duty military, wounded veterans and/or their immediate families.

The event is being held on March 2nd, 2013, doors open at 6:30pm at HEAT-Armor factory, 4400 W 45th, Chicago, IL 60632
Tickets are $40 online at www.alphagirlpower.com or $45 at the door – hors d’ouevres, drinks and runway show included.

Full Vendor List:
Nickel and Lace, AlphaGirls, HEAT-Armor, Dark Angel Medical, F.O.G. Holsters, Laughing Tulips, Sarah Church, BEX nyc, RFD by Rachel Frank, Krav Academy, Indy Pistol, Armed in Stilettos, Devil Dog Arms, 5.11 Tactical, DMZ Tactical, ITW Nexus, On Target Radio, Safer USA, Spoil Me Salon and Spa, Rocky Mount Tactical Outfitters, Horan Knives, RAS Communications, and Liberty Elite Services.

02-19-13, 17:58
Very cool, passing it on to the wife

02-28-13, 20:25
Just one last promotion prior to the show. If you aren't doing anything this Saturday night, would love to have you come on out. We are going to have a strong representation of local LEOs at the show, both female and male. Should be a great time for all, and we look at it at "fighting the fight" right in the heart of enemy territory here in Chicago. :D

Hope to see some members there, and good luck on winning the Glock!

[Wife asked me to add that her holsters will be manufactured right here in the United States. Site should be up in just a few days!]

02-28-13, 20:45
I'm all for something like this, seems a great idea. I'm like a three day drive away and not much into the fashion scene anyway.

But I do have a question. Why hold it in a place where no-one can carry? Seems if you were going to have a CCW fashion show it would make more sense to have it in a place where you could CCW.

02-28-13, 21:19
Currahee - both Marilyn and Karen live in Chicago, so it was the easiest option. Understand most of sales will be outside of Illinois, but we are hopeful for some kind of CCW law to pass in Illinois this summer. We shall see!

Perhaps as sales increase, another show can be done in Texas or other gun friendly states. :)

02-28-13, 21:41
Hire a videographer and put it online after. It could start a neat trend.
Better yet take it to a local film school and see if they're interested in covering the event. Offer $500 to the student w/ best video...

02-28-13, 22:01
Hire a videographer and put it online after. It could start a neat trend.
Better yet take it to a local film school and see if they're interested in covering the event. Offer $500 to the student w/ best video...

Already done. A videographer and two photographers. Thanks for the tip!