View Full Version : Glock Modifications segment, not sure which episode...

02-22-13, 17:25
Mr. Vickers,

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching the Glock Modifications segment of Tac-TV with you, Mr. Hackathorn, and Mr. Harrington. I am not able to watch Tac-TV on a regular basis, and really like the segments that are on Youtube, when ya'll put them up there and thanks for the Red State Tactical email pointing the way.....

It is interesting to see what Glock modifications each of you choose to do, and even more interesting to see what factory parts and pieces are left alone. I wish Mr. Hackathorn and Mr. Harrington had gone into a little more detail about why they use the Arredondo magazine extensions, and why they are so different in design from the Pierce or traditional +2 extensions. I think there are a lot of people who don't get past the big difference in price($20-30 more for the Arredondos) between the different kinds of extensions, and (IMHO) what can happen with poorly designed magazine extensions in a fully(or even -1) loaded magazine over time, and why it may be worth the extra Jackson not to have bullets jump out of the bottom of the pistol at the wrong time....

Anyway.....Looking forward to the next episode.
Jim Henry