View Full Version : They're Back!!!

3 AE
02-28-13, 20:47
They're back and they're hitting us piecemeal. Since it appears HB-3200 has taken a big hit from the pro gun forces, the enemy has sponsored a whole slew of proposed bills in the hopes of getting something passed to save face. Here is the link to the bills.


Here is the link to the "Automailer". Which you can use to send a prewritten message to any and all Oregon legislators to oppose these bills.


There are also various links on the header that will provide all of the information for the "Activist/Home Lobbyist". Please take the time to peruse this as it will help tremendously to combat the enemy. Once again, thanks to all who participated and do what you can to help out. If you haven't done so, join OFF ASAP. They are a "No Compromise" gun rights organization in Oregon. :help: