View Full Version : PD in Lincoln, NE to host gun amnesty

03-05-13, 11:28
Looks like the Lincoln PD will be having a gun amnesty (turn in) day March 23rd, at Neighborworks (23rd and Qst) parking lot. They aren't offering money or other incentives for them. Sooooo anyone wanting some cheap guns should go set up shop and offer to buy them! I would, but I don't think I'll be in town. Go get your hands on some cheap guns and keep them from being confiscated! I didn't every really think Nebraska would do something like this but, what do i know? Here is a link to a news article talking about it. http://www.klkntv.com/story/21482133/lpd-to-host-gun-amnesty-day

Pork Chop
03-05-13, 11:40
I bet people show up in droves to give away something that is at its peak market value right now. :(

I always like how they label it "amnesty". Implying that you've done something wrong just by having them.

And yes, it makes me sick to see this stupid shit here.

03-05-13, 11:45
I can't imagine it will be a success at all, but you never know when that idiot will show up with something that actually has value.