View Full Version : Night Vision Rife course, Liberty MS. May 4th.

03-07-13, 01:14
One day/night Course will cover maximizing advantages of night vision, in both indoors and outdoors setting.

Use of IR lasers/ red dot scopes in conjunction with Night vision, movement with night vision, weapons manipulation under night vision, weapons transitions with night vision, etc.

Will involve lots of dry walk throughs, room clearing/ movement to contact with airsoft on targets, and finally live fire under NODs at night.

Cost 300$.
100$ deposit required to lock in spot.

Gear required:

Head mounted Gen 3 night vision device.
Rifle with weapons mounted laser (preferably IR) and optic that allows use of NODs.
white light, either pistol mounted or hand held.
200 rounds rifle
50 rounds pistol
Eye/ear protection

Optional but recommended:
IR illuminator
Belt/Vest for carrying mags etc.

2 open spots left.