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03-09-13, 17:44
I've read these 2 bills and they appear pretty similar. 1155 is written by Madigan and has no co sponsors and 997 is loaded with co sponsors.

My question is, which of these is the better bill? They both look to be almost identical. 997 has appeal for obvious reassons, no Madigan...

Also, they both allow for carrying a loaded firearm "concealed or otherwise." I interperet otherwise to be open carry. Am I reading that right or is there another way to look at that?

03-09-13, 18:12
from what I read, 1155 contains amendments in regards to specific locations. (http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocNum=1155&GAID=12&DocTypeID=HB&SessionID=85&GA=98)

Some areas makes sense, ie. childcare facilities and hospitals. Other facilities specific to venues that, may serve alcohol, such as stadiums, I understand.

What NRA-IL Rep Todd was arguing about with 1155, is the specific locations. Get enough locations, each will soon bound to inter-connect.
Imagine circling a location in a map. Now keep adding circles until two or more circles connecting. Get enough circles, soon enough, you'll have no longer any footage.

Think smoking restrictions. First it was at the bar. Then away from bar. Next, one section of the restaurant only. Next, it has to be outside. Next, 15-feet from said outside location. Next, designated area, most probably at parking lot.

Hope that helps.

03-09-13, 18:31
Yeah. I was thinking the same thing on restrictions. The way they were worded with adding adjacent property etc you wouldn't be left with anywhere to carry. So does that mean 997 will be passed?

Any opinion on interpreting "otherwise"?

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05-29-13, 13:58
If HB 183 gets shot down in the house, and the senate refuses to call SB2193, you think maybe Phelps and Madigan will bring back the NRA backed 0997?

I think tomorrow is the last day of regular session. How can they not get carry concealed passed before June 9th unless they go into special session.

05-29-13, 14:10
I hear a lot of people say that if June 9 gets here with no carry law then Illinois becomes constitutional carry. Ok, if that does happen I've also heard Chicago and maybe even cook county have their own laws already written to be put it place at the drop of a hat which is rumored to be basically no carry I think. I have not been able to find anything on these potential laws though.

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05-29-13, 15:03
Constitutional carry in Illinois will never happen because of the FOID system. But if June 9th passes with no law, then yes you will be legally allowed to carry if you have a FOID. However as yous aid Chicago and Cook County and probably every suburb around Chicago will come up with their own alws and ordinances say how if what you can carry.

A 30 minutes drive may cause me to have to unholster, reholster, store, down load mag, etc... It will be a nightmare for law abiding gun owners to stay law abiding.

Without a doubt you will have accidental felons in and around the Northern Illinois area. I personally don't think I would carry with this system of patchwork laws.

05-29-13, 15:11
From what I read on Illinois Carry and some news feeds the stripping of home rule, the Chicago and Cook AWB, which is crap anyway, would go away and Cullerton and the Sycophantic Dwarf mayor of Chicago don't like it. A patchwork of a million laws just won't cut it but that's exactly what they want. They want it to be such a burden to get a permit and then such a burden to exercise the permit that everyone will simply not carry.

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