View Full Version : Maine Firearms Freedom Bill

03-12-13, 13:54
Lawmakers in Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington state and Virginia have all sponsored legislation prohibiting the enforcement of federal laws and regulations on firearms, ammunition and firearms accessories produced and sold within their state. Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming passed similar bills in 2009 and 2010 well before the shootings in Sandy Hook or Colorado.

What legislators would sponsor a bill like this? I've attempted to contact Sen. Emily Cain and Rep. Jeffrey Gifford with no responses to the idea at all. No surprise. It seems Sen. King will support a good part of the new people control legislation making its way to the Senate. No surprise there either.

We won't win a fight being on the defensive. It's past time to go on the offense.

03-13-13, 21:17
I agree it's time to go on the offensive. I think there is a pretty good chance a sponsor for a bill like this could be found, but I don't know that it would ever make it out of committee.

I just went to the house of representatives pending bills page and searched with "firearms" in the title box. Among other things, I see a proposed bill that strikes the law already on the books that states an employer can not prohibit an employee (with a cwp) from keeping firearm in the employers own vehicle at their place of employment.