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04-01-13, 11:42
I may be looking to move to Cincinnati within the next 6 months to a year. I've lived in Akron, Columbus, and Athens and i'm now I've been in the DC area for the past 13 years. My wife wants back near family, so Cincy it is...

Are there any good pistol/rifle ranges in the area? I mean the kind that allow steel and/or combat pistol practice? When we choose an area to live in, I just want to be sure that I'm not clear over the other side of the city from a decent place to shoot. I'd love to be in a position to stop on my way home from work and get some trigger time in.

My preference would be Northern KY as opposed to Ohio, but it all depends on school quality (two young boys). FWIW, my job would be in downtown Cincy.

Thanks for any pointers.

04-23-13, 15:33
I just sent a PM, also I think Clinton Co Farmer's and Sportsmen club have a range that they do a lot of 3 gun and Idpa matches at. Point blank in Blue Ash reminds me of a fancy gym, only it's a uppity gun range. If I had a disposable income, I'd go there. I have a membership at Middletown sportsmen's club. It's a well rounded club with rifle/pistol/shotgun ranges with a pond and clubhouse. Membership is $136 your first year and ever yr after its $106. They don't offer the tactical style matches we all like, but for the price and what it offers its a decent deal.

Alpha Sierra
04-24-13, 16:33
Of all the places that I know about between Dayton and Cinci, Clinton County Sportsmen is your best bet for what you want.

If you want to truly delve into rifle marksmanship, Miami Rifle & Pistol in Batavia is where it's at with a KD range with lines at 2, 3, 5, and 600 yards as well as target pits.

04-24-13, 17:10
For me I usually go to either Spring Valley which is an ODNR range or Miami Valley Shooting Grounds. Those are both in the Dayton area. In Cincy most of the ranges are just indoor pistol/rifle ranges. The only ones that I know of that will allow tactics training will be private ranges like Miami rifle and pistol or Middletown Sportsmans Club.
Also a PM inbound.

04-25-13, 09:46
Thanks for the PM's (returned) and in-thread responses. Exactly the kind of info I need. I dont' want to live clear on the other side of the city from a decent range. Where I live now (MD), my range is on my way home, so I often stop and throw some rounds down range. It's a great time saver.

Obviously the schools will play a major part in our choices, and the PMs were a great start. Thanks.

Alpha Sierra
04-25-13, 13:43
Be advised, Miami Rifle & Pistol has some shooting bays where they allow handgun shooting on the move but the club's BoD is absolutely opposed to any rifle fire outside the benchrest or known distance ranges. And their rules reflect so.