View Full Version : CT Senate passed new AWB

04-03-13, 17:58
It is now on its way to the HOR....

AR15 banned existing must be registered
Mags over 10rnds banned existing must be registered but cannot be loaded over 10 unless in home or at the range.

+ 100 pages or so of other bullshit.

04-04-13, 07:44
I didnt read the bill, does it allow for sale of grandfathered rifles in state? Time to move ?

04-12-13, 15:29
I was enrolled in a Redback One carbine class in July in CT and had to cancel because of the new laws.

04-12-13, 16:39
As expected the population acquiesces to the laws that slowly erode their individual freedoms.

04-12-13, 16:43
Its like every state is trying to get this passed before it goes to the supreme court.

04-12-13, 19:33
It sucks man, I went to the state police barracks to get a printout of what firearms they think I have (found a couple discrepancies that were not in my favor) and got to small talking with one of the troopers on front desk duty.

He said, unofficially of course, there is no way for them to enforce all of the laws coming into play and that they are refusing to advise anyone inquiring about the law because they themselves have no idea what the new 150ish page law actually means. They have lawyers deciphering everything right now. And he concluded by saying they WILL NOT be going door to door to inspect your firearms.

So at this point I'm not taking what he said to the bank but it sure was a nice morale booster that the guys and girls tasked to enforce this are not very happy with it let alone understand what it is they are supposed to enforce.

04-12-13, 19:48
I was talking to an ffl who informed me that the Kriss, M1A and M1carbine are still Ct. legal.

04-12-13, 19:59
Do not trust just any FFL at this point. When in doubt just wait for DPS to make an official statement. God as my witness I had an FFL try to sell me a Saiga 12 with 30rnd drums this week. Clearly banned by name and features.

DPS made and retracted statements multiple times since the bill was signed declaring whether items purchased but not delivered before the bill was signed could or could not be transferred.

04-13-13, 08:29
saiga 12 with a 30rnd drum? I would have jumped
all over it !

05-17-13, 13:31
Unconstitutional laws are not laws.