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04-08-13, 22:51
Hey I am down in Springfield for some training for work. There is a store down here that has a ton of aluminum mags and pro mags that they are selling for $30 a piece. If anyone in the Joliet area or willing to come that way and would like me to pick up some mags for them PM me and I will be the pack mule. Obviously I can't buy 50 of them for you but if you want a few I can help my fellow peeps out!

04-09-13, 22:56
Only down here for a few more day so let me know soon.

04-09-13, 23:34
Promags for the AR can pose some issues. I've seen more than one AR not cycle properly with a promag feeding it.

I'd say grab some aluminum ones (as long as they have Magpul followers) and call it a day.

By all means keep away from the promag brand AR mags.

04-12-13, 13:33
This wasn't a "what brand should I get" thread it was a does anyone need any mags and want me to pick them up for them while I am at a place that currently has them in stock thread. However, I have had to experience with promags so the info was still good I guess

04-12-13, 19:44
Gotcha, I don't need any though. I run a local gun store. ;)

My bad for not applying proper reading comprehension. Had a long day. Awfully nice of you to offer your services to the forum regardless. Good man

04-28-13, 21:12
Gotcha, I don't need any though. I run a local gun store. ;)

what store might that be?
maybe we can stop by and support your store.
I'm currently looking for some help with future switch to free-float rails.
currently have a BCM midlength with a Magpul MOE handguard, though looks sexy, looking to man-it-up a bit a quad rail, and remove the A-looking front sight.
Either I take the easy route with a Daniel Defense Omega 9 or this newer Fortis REV