View Full Version : Regional where can I get it thread

04-26-13, 21:56
Thought it'd be cool to have a where to get it thread for the PNW.


Sportco in Fife WA
Colt 20s and 30s $27.99
D&H 30s $19.99
Boxes of glock mags 31.99
Some .22 ammo
1 sig AR
1 ruger sr556

Sportsmans warehouse in puyallup
Lancer AWM 20s $16.99. They had about 20 on the shelf
Troy battlemags 3 pack for around $45
1 AR not sure of brand, looked like a bushy

I check these stores often, ammo comes in now and then and sells fast.

05-04-13, 16:34

Dropped by rainier arms. First time I've been to their new location.
They had several DD complete rifles, a noveske 14.5, LMT, and some rainier custom 3-gun rifles.
So good to see things coming back, but where's all the ammo?

11-02-14, 19:27
The new Scheels in Billings has some complete dd rifles.

03-22-15, 17:21
I'm looking sternly for a Gen1 Noveske forged lower. Rainier Arms is out of stock. Any sightings around WA?