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04-28-13, 17:15
I would like to see if there is enough interest to form a group of shooters that are interested in tactical training in the area of Baldwin and Mobile counties in Alabama, along with Escambia in Florida and Jackson in Mississippi. Others would be welcome also, of course.

What I envision is a group of dedicated individuals that would meet monthly to train together. The training would vary in topic and location for the meetings. This would go beyond shooting and would encompass other tactical topics.

Members within the group who are Subject Matter Experts could conduct at least one class a year in their specialty (I.e- a paramedic could instruct in wound treatment; a club racer could instruct in driving techniques, etc.).

Once established, the group would work together to bring in a traveling professional at least once a year.

This would require members to work together for common goals, along with financial investment to form and insure the group. It would also involve a commitment to supporting the annual pro training class.

What I don't see is purchasing property at this time, instead renting / leasing time from one of the ranges in the area.

If interested reply to this thread and also drop me a PM.


10-23-13, 17:56
I'm interested

11-02-13, 23:46
There hasnt been much interest at all shown, plus now it's football, soon to be hunting season and then it'llbe Mardi Gras.

If you have some ideas on how to create some interest I'd like to hear them.


06-17-16, 18:17
I know this is an old thread but I am interested.

Mars attacks...
06-22-16, 09:28
I'm in Okaloosa, Florida if that helps.

06-22-16, 16:42
I am in Spanish Fort, AL