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04-29-13, 21:05
I will be moving to Sioux Falls shortly and was wondering about any ranges near by. I tryied searching but came up with nothing. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

06-13-13, 17:01
You might want to try the DNR website sometimes if you can't find a private range the DNR has public areas you can find, they do this in IA and im pretty sure South Dakota does the same thing.

Also if you don't find anything right around Sioux Falls look in SW Minnesota or NW Iowa or NE Nebraska. You would be close enought to visit any of them with little fuel spent. if you have a SBR or a supressor stay out of IA with it.

Best of luck, Sioux Falls is a nice place.

06-13-13, 18:48
I talked to some locals and did more looking around on google and found a few ranges not to far away. Garretsons Sportsman's Club to name one.

I did not know you could shoot on public land in SD (if I'm reading that right). MN, my home state, didn't allow this. I would much prefer shooting on public land.

and yes Sioux Falls is a very nice place and this is coming from someone hates living in big cities.

06-14-13, 22:57
Yep, I'm over on the opposite side of So Dak and mostly go shooting out in the Black Hills it's nearly all National Forest Service. Just clean up after oneself, be safe and use common sense.

There is actually a gravel road that runs off into the forest called Beretta Rd that a ton of locals use to go shooting.

Welcome to South Dakota btw :)

08-09-13, 14:47
Agreed-welcome to SD. I'm on the other side of the state as well and we have more options here as far as public land goes. You just might have to make friends with a local farmer/rancher landowner to find a place to shoot. Might be your best bet. Garys has an indoor range but i'm guessing you already knew that.

Or, you could head west a bit and most ranchers would be delighted if you took care of a few prairie dogs for them. You don't even need to bring your own targets either that way.

Army Chief
08-09-13, 15:06
Possible start point for your research: http://www.luckygunner.com/guns/SD/Sioux-Falls-FFL-Dealers-Shooting-Ranges


08-09-13, 23:29
I should have been more specific in my OP.I was looking for rifle ranges out to at least a couple hundred yards.

AC, I had found that link before but it didn't quite fit the bill.

I probably should have added to this thread when I found a 600 yard rifle range just outside of Sioux falls. They had just opened the range about 3 weeks ago, and I've been there every week since.

For those interested here's the link to the range, the only mention of the rifle range is in the news section.

10-31-13, 19:51
Just thought I`d share this and can`t believe it took me this long to find out about it.


It is a website set up by the NSSF and, at a quick look through, its listing is seems complete.