View Full Version : ISRA Range in Bonfield

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04-30-13, 13:58
Any members here? I'm looking at clubs to join this summer. Oak Park Sportman's club is closest to me, but it seems like there's a pretty decent wait list, and I'd like to shoot further than 100 yards.

05-29-13, 13:48
I'm a member of the ISRA but not their range (separate membership). It's a little far for me, but then again all ranges are a little far for me :( Did you ever get a chance to try it out?

I know the Aurora Sportsman Club has open shooting nights for non members and so does the Buffalo Range in Ottawa (which is back open after their legal battle).

125 mph
05-29-13, 14:03
I haven't yet. ASC and the ISRA range are pretty close to the same distance for me, but when you factor in the assessments and initiation costs ASC is pretty pricey. I'm just finishing grad school this week so I'll have some more time soon to check out each place.

05-29-13, 15:05
I want to check both places out as well. Being a father of two children and owner of two businesses I seldom have the time to shoot anymore. I will admit I have not looked into the fees at either club.