View Full Version : Range options in the Jackson MS

05-01-13, 20:53
Possibly moving to the area within the next few months, just north of Jackson, and wondering where the good places to shoot are located.

Pistol, rifle indoor , outdoor. thanks

John Hearne
05-02-13, 20:29

05-02-13, 21:08
Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club. Pretty good amount of steel. Not sure of the longest range. I stayed mainly on one side that had the pistol ranges and 50 yard rifle range when I went there last year.

Its a little south of Jackson.



05-02-13, 23:42
Thanks, both of those are only about a 20 minute drive from the houses im looking at

Dock Rocker
05-03-13, 23:01
Magnolia is great. I have been a member for years. They have a 300 yard range down to a 25 pistol range with everything in between. Really top notch facility.